Wondering How To Make Equestrian Arena Rock?

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02 Aug

Many companies will have experience in equine arena surfaces, and they will be able to guide you through this process. It is best to test contractors out on your horse arena, giving them a little project to complete for you before you commit to a more significant project like building a horse arena. Of course, hiring a builder that is also an equestrian makes a big difference as well, as they have the instincts of knowing how a horse would respond to certain aspects of the arena’s design that somebody not knowledgeable about horses would not. When it comes to sand, you will need to speak to the company that processes it. They should have intimate knowledge about what products of theirs are used successfully in the equestrian arena.

The arena footing material you select needs to fit the local setting and the horse disciplines. Before even considering choosing arena footing, you need to be 100% confident about the foundation of your equine arena. No matter what the footing, your riding arena is only as good as the foundational integrity supporting it.

The job of a suitable base is to create an even surface that supports the feet on top. The footing materials are just the uppermost layer in constructing an indoor arena, and they depend on support from the proper foundation and under the foundation. The footing needs to knit into the base material, meaning that loose footing is not allowed to slide freely over the base material while horses are working in an arena. It is this upper layer that you want to provide the horses with grip and cushioning, which is what makes an arena pleasant to work in.

equestrian arena

The cake layer represents the foundation of your arena. The frosting is the top layer of your footing. Once you have finished work, your focus becomes on keeping your top layer free and spread evenly across your entire arena surface. Instead, you want your arena to have a solid, sturdy bottom layer about half-a-foot deep and the top layers between 2.5 inches and 3 inches thick, depending on your preferences and what events you are interested in hosting.

For the 100mm thick minimum layer, you would need 80 cubic metres, or almost seven truckloads, to cover your arena. You might not think that much ground is being disturbed, but you will be shocked by double the amount of soil compared to the size of your arena. Be sure the increases are not interfering with arena drainage. Otherwise, all of your hard work will be for naught.

It would be best if you allowed drainage below the tie bars; otherwise, your arena will be saturated when it rains. Too much water will fill your arena, making it impractical to operate in the long run. Without adequate drainage, you might even find that your DIY arena is submerged in water, making it unusable most of the time. If you are building an indoor arena, you will not have any natural water to work with, which could be both a blessing and a curse.

Any water that gets underneath your arena weakens the arena’s structure, so you will want to keep the water moving around it. The last thing you want is for the water to be gathered on the edge of your arena due to edges forming barriers since this area is usually used most.

It will get drier if you only run your arena weekly, or maybe monthly, and are not regular with the watering. The amount of dust in your arena will affect the health of horses and riders, as well as anyone else using the arena. Also, the extent to which you take care of dust management, particularly in indoor arenas, will directly affect the health of your horses, yourself, and others who use the arena as well, not only riders and trainers but spectators, assistants, and others.

While the initial build is crucial, the ongoing care of your arena is equally essential in keeping both your horse and riders safe and happy. No matter who built your arena, correct maintenance is critical to its long-term viability.

Without a good foundation and correct footing, it is hard to keep going consistently enough for the horse’s health and safety. Depending on your chosen riding discipline, your arena should offer stable, safe feet, which allow your horse to move in and out of motion. Decisions regarding footing for your riding arena are much more complex than one would imagine. With no universal prescription for a successful surface material for an equine arena, understanding the physics you are trying to accomplish with the footing may result in a better selection of materials.

Extreme care must be taken in using arena tools on your footing to keep your compound consistent and structured. Regardless of the type, most arena surfaces will require resurfacing at least every two years, as arena footing materials will not last forever. Arena footings that satisfy these three essential requirements may consist of different materials — both natural and synthetic — and combinations of foot types. From Western Pleasures to Speed Events, a versatile arena needs safe, long-lasting footing that holds up while not being too deep or slippery.

If you have tried training on shoddy terrain, or your arena has been neglected for some time, it might take some work by professionals to bring the surface up to that level. The riding character is essential to be adequately maintained to keep your horses safe, as well as your arena’s lifespan.

Owning a personal panic alarm in Australia

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01 Apr

We know that security systems are great when we need to protect our home, business or schools from vandalism and theft that often occurs outside business hours. Unfortunately, even in Australia, some incidents occur when you are at school, work or just chilling at home.

There are small buttons that people can wear around their necks or sit on a desk known as a panic button. Panic buttons exist to help people in emergency situations like personal harm or intruders. Once pushed, these buttons offer the user an instant alert to the monitoring company when they feel they need immediate assistance.


It doesn’t matter where you are violence can strike anywhere, anytime. There are over one million cases of workplace violence every year. Companies that are handling money and have a lot of public access are in the high-risk category. If you have a panic button at your business, it can provide not only yourself but employees with a more secure sense of protection. It is impossible to prevent workplace violence entirely but having a panic button along with other security measures like CCTV and door alarms is great to pay to prevent an incident from occurring within Australia.



There have been times of horrible school incidents like shootings and bashings over the last few decades. This has only exposed our security weaknesses within the school systems.
School safety is a big concern in Australia among other countries too. Having a panic button installed at all schools means it can alert the police of an emergency. Students and teachers are informed when they need to execute safety measures.

In your home

Break-ins can occur at different times. They often occur when no one is home from broad daylight to overnight hours. Some criminals are desperate, and they will force themselves into your home while you are there. Having a personal panic alarm in Australia means you can give your loved ones more protection in emergency situations.

If you are living in Australia, then adding a panic button to your security measures is a great way to protect and alert.

It can help people to remain independent at home

It is a great benefit for people to remain living at home as they get older. Some people may prefer to move their loved ones into care due to worrying about their safety. The elderly are prone to falling, and some cannot get back up again, so they remain on the floor until they are found. Giving the elderly a personal panic button means they can alert people they need help. Carers and families of the elderly are more reassured if their loved ones have a panic button. Families often opt for them to remain at home, knowing help is only a push of a button away.

Personal panic buttons work 24/7, and the company will do a monthly test call to ensure the machine is working properly. You may find you never need to use one, but the fact is they are there shall you need it.  Take the concerns and worries away from people with a personal panic alarm system they can have on them all the time. Let everyone feel safer in their home, knowing help is there right when they need it.

Contact your local council or medical assistance team to organize getting a personal panic alarm for your loved ones, your employees or your family home.

Best Outdoor Venues In Australia

Best Outdoor Venues In Australia
21 Feb

Australia is one of the best countries in the world suited for outdoor events – thanks to the amazing formula of landscapes, sunshine and the beauty of nature. This is why you see a lot of places that offer outdoor venues for different events, in contrast to the many indoor corporate event venues in bigger cities like Melbourne. Whether it is a wedding or any type of ceremony, these outdoor venues in Australia are sure to wow you! Choose the best of what the country can offer you. 

  • Tatra

This is one of the most unique wedding venues out there. If your dream is to have a wedding in a garden-like those described in fairy-tales or among beautiful canopies of flowers, then this is the one to look for. Move away from the hustle and bustle of the city into the stunning beauty of Mount Dandenong. There are spots worthy of dreams within this venue, and you can choose where to tie the knot. Tatra offers a choice between a gazebo, traditional chapel or an iron-wrought cupola. 

  • Maleny Retreat, Queensland

If you are tired of venues in urban places such as the Melbourne Stadium, the Maleny Retreat in Queensland offers the perfect distraction in the form of the panoramic views of the Glasshouse Mountains. Witness dramatic peaks rising out from all around the countryside and surely it is an unbelievable sight to get married or have any ceremonies. Your guests would not want the function to end!

  • Bunker Bay, Western Australia

What can get better to celebrate an occasion near a beach? It is the dreams of millions of people, and why not, the Bunker Bay, for instance, is stunningly gorgeous. The entire venue is covered with glistening white sand with a background of turquoise blue water stretching far and wide. Not to mention, the venue also has a café of its own, the Bunkers Beach Café where your guests can enjoy great food and drinks while enjoying the ambience. 

  • Uluru, North Tasmania

This is one of the biggest landmarks in Australia on its own, and obviously, a great choice for an outdoor event or wedding. Situated away from all that infrastructure construction and the hustle and bustle of city life, the rustic and raw ambience provides a great fitting for a ceremony in the laps of nature.

Also, Uluru is one of the most powerful places in the world spiritually, so taking your vows or celebrating an occasion there is worth it.

  • The Landing at Dockside

This venue is located at the famed Dockside Marine in Brisbane. Nothing can get better than exchanging vows before the riverside and treating your guests with the beautiful ambience of the riverfront. The venue is flexible enough to hold intimate events and grand ones. Once the sun sets down, the guests can make their way to the stunning reception room. Surely, the elegant chandelier, the sweeping roof and private lounge spaces are stuff straight out of the dreams. 

  • Sandalford

The Sandalford Winery is one rustic landmark in the heart of the Swan Valley in Perth. The air is pure and so is the venue, with its vibrant energy right next to clean, untouched nature. This venue has two ceremony spots, one is the Verdelho Lawn which is situated between historic and gorgeous vines, and provides exceptional views of the Swan Valley. The other is the Merlot Lawn which gazes out to the lake and beautiful vineyards. 

So, these are some of the best venues in Australia for your outdoor ceremony or wedding. There are so much more apart from this which the different regions in the country can offer. Check them all out and celebrate in style and in beauty.  

Now, what if you are looking into venues for your wedding? The location will greatly depend on your personal preferences, but we have lined up some of the best possible outdoor venues all over Australia. In the next section, we will talk about the steps you can take to plan for the wedding.

Best Outdoor Venues In Australia

How do you plan for an outdoor themed wedding?

The outdoor weddings are incredible because of the natural beauty it offers; the sceneries make the event memorable for any couple. Some of the outdoor venues even offer activities that you can do if you are into adventurous things. Places like this flying fox park, for example, might be a good venue to use after you have done your reception at the nearby event venue.

It needs to be said, however, that it takes a lot of planning and management to make the celebration significant. You have to keep an eye on everything from budgeting, selecting and tenting the place, decoration, dining, menu and many other factors that are essential for the wedding celebration. Here are some of the tips that will help you to plan your wedding. 

Determine your budget

When you are planning an outdoor wedding, the first thing you have to figure out your budget and money which you can spend on the wedding. This is the most hectic part of outdoor wedding planning but it is also very important to decide your budget before anything. While determining the budget, consider everything to estimate the right amount you need or have to spend on your money.

Decide the theme and select location

It is the most interesting part of outdoor wedding planning in which you have to take the inspiration for your wedding theme that suits your personality. We know it can feel like you are riding an adult zip line. It is exciting but at the same time, scary. If you take some time and think about what you want, you will find that the planning will become more manageable. It depends on your personality and taste, but you can get some ideas from social platforms and the internet. This will help you to decide the decoration theme and colour scheme. A suitable outdoor wedding location is essential to turnout the wedding theme in a good way. The theme will work according to the location because the theme of a beach wedding is different from the wedding planned in a botanical garden. 

Never forget a camp or covered space 

The biggest mistake that people make when they plan an outdoor wedding that they do not make tents and covered space part of their plan; therefore sometimes they have to face suddenly whether changing and they do not find any space to hide. Therefore, make sure that you make a tent and nearby indoor space part of your planning. A covered space that has weather resistance properties will prove to be a blessing at the time of heavy rain and wind storm as such weather can easily destroy your wedding celebrations. Therefore, make the tents part of your wedding and the good thing about the tents that they come in all shapes, whether it is classical or formal. You can take the help of your local rental company to figure out what type of tent will suit your theme and location. The treetop zipline

Rent the props to compliment your wedding idea

Props and gadgets are the essentials that give life to your wedding theme. You do not need to waste your money on buying these props when you can rent them at affordable prices and save your money. However, before renting these things, make a list of what you want. You do not rent unnecessary things but the important ones like cutlery, tables, chairs, sofas, cushions, lighting, decoration pieces, fancy candles, curtains, and anything, which you need to decorate your outdoor wedding space.

A wedding is a huge event, and you cannot plan and manage it alone if you do not have any experience. Therefore it is better to hire an expert rather than taking any risk.  

How to Start a Niche Business

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13 Nov

Let’s say the particular niche you’re in is the water tank industry.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re actually interested in selling water tanks or not- what matters are the questions asked to set up a niche business.

Usually, niche products and services depend on in-depth market research. You’ll need to know how your competitors operate and customers’ preferences. 

Typically, niche businesses focus on specific markets. Instead of joining the water tank business to supply water tanks, find a niche within the niche.

Essential Steps for a New Niche Business:

Unlike conglomerates, the easiest way for SMEs to target the right customers is by retailing from a known franchise. 

The franchised business of any niche has an existing brand identity. So, it takes little effort to sell the products and earn more reputation. 

Develop a Business Plangroup of people looking at laptop

Two significant ways of investing in a niche business like water tank sales are through sole-proprietorship or joint venture

Also, you have to be clear about selling food or non-food grade water tanks. Without a clear business plan, your competition might outsmart the ideas you are bringing into the new business. Competitors are like sharks; new business owners have to swim with them cautiously.

It’s essential to resolve the bureaucracy of setting up a niche business before taking off with your plans. Business lawyers can handle issues like contracts, legal agreements, permits, and tax documents.

To develop a business plan, you could hire a specialist or professional to design a plan catered to you. You could even take the extra step to find your competitors and speak with them to find out what they’re doing during organized networking events for SMEs.


Branding is essential to get repeating clients- and it’s more important than just your business name. You’ll need to find a talented graphics designer to prepare a logo and website. A good way to do this is to find a startup graphics company with a good showreel by going to networking events and meeting other small business owners. 


Conduct feasibility studies on your preferred tank manufacturer. It will be better to sign up with them as a distributor of water tanks. With the information, you can plan a budget, and save the startup capital. Additionally, business plans include yearly projections, recruitment of employees and targets.

water tanks can be used to rear fish or store waterChoose Your Products

In your water tank business niche, the type of product with the highest demand is the most attractive. However, it’s helpful when you are not the jack of all trades. 

While the food-grade type is for domestic use, non-food grade types are for storing greywater. Buyers also use non-food grade water tanks for commercial purposes like rearing fish. However, this type of water tank has a massive demand from homeowners and residents that store rainwater. 

People in drought-prone areas need to conserve water with tanks. Rainwater utilization is an ideal way of reducing water consumption bills from the utility company. Also, people use rainwater to flush toilets, water the plants, and wash vehicles.


While traditional methods of marketing are useful, digital marketing produces more results. Serious water tank sellers use Facebook and other retail platforms on the internet. Usually, water tank sellers increase their prices when demand is more than supply. Also, they can add 100% markups to their cost prices. 

Without targeting the right clients with digital marketing tools, you might think that nobody needs your products. You can hire a digital marketer to integrate tools on your website and display your products across social media platforms.

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