Owning a personal panic alarm in Australia

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01 Apr

We know that security systems are great when we need to protect our home, business or schools from vandalism and theft that often occurs outside business hours. Unfortunately, even in Australia, some incidents occur when you are at school, work or just chilling at home.

There are small buttons that people can wear around their necks or sit on a desk known as a panic button. Panic buttons exist to help people in emergency situations like personal harm or intruders. Once pushed, these buttons offer the user an instant alert to the monitoring company when they feel they need immediate assistance.


It doesn’t matter where you are violence can strike anywhere, anytime. There are over one million cases of workplace violence every year. Companies that are handling money and have a lot of public access are in the high-risk category. If you have a panic button at your business, it can provide not only yourself but employees with a more secure sense of protection. It is impossible to prevent workplace violence entirely but having a panic button along with other security measures like CCTV and door alarms is great to pay to prevent an incident from occurring within Australia.



There have been times of horrible school incidents like shootings and bashings over the last few decades. This has only exposed our security weaknesses within the school systems.
School safety is a big concern in Australia among other countries too. Having a panic button installed at all schools means it can alert the police of an emergency. Students and teachers are informed when they need to execute safety measures.

In your home

Break-ins can occur at different times. They often occur when no one is home from broad daylight to overnight hours. Some criminals are desperate, and they will force themselves into your home while you are there. Having a personal panic alarm in Australia means you can give your loved ones more protection in emergency situations.

If you are living in Australia, then adding a panic button to your security measures is a great way to protect and alert.

It can help people to remain independent at home

It is a great benefit for people to remain living at home as they get older. Some people may prefer to move their loved ones into care due to worrying about their safety. The elderly are prone to falling, and some cannot get back up again, so they remain on the floor until they are found. Giving the elderly a personal panic button means they can alert people they need help. Carers and families of the elderly are more reassured if their loved ones have a panic button. Families often opt for them to remain at home, knowing help is only a push of a button away.

Personal panic buttons work 24/7, and the company will do a monthly test call to ensure the machine is working properly. You may find you never need to use one, but the fact is they are there shall you need it.  Take the concerns and worries away from people with a personal panic alarm system they can have on them all the time. Let everyone feel safer in their home, knowing help is there right when they need it.

Contact your local council or medical assistance team to organize getting a personal panic alarm for your loved ones, your employees or your family home.