Digital Marketing for Business Coaches

marketing for business coaches
24 Jan

Here are our top digital marketing strategies for business coaches, both aspiring and new. After all, the web is a powerful tool for ongoing, endless lead-generation–and has to be included in your marketing mix.

But be aware, electronic marketing is a complicated game. If you go in unprepared, it can suck up weeks of your time and create little in the way of substantial earnings and direct flow and you would have been far better off using an AdWords agency to get you traffic.

Do not get caught up in “get rich online” schemes. Rather, follow these easy digital marketing hints that will assist you create business coaching leads online.

What You Want to Know to Be a Successful Digital Marketer

Concentrate on producing a constant stream of digital copywriting that is articles. They say content is king, and that is as true as ever. The creation of high-value, high-impact content must be the cornerstone of your electronic marketing efforts. You can achieve it through videos or podcasts–though if you are just getting started, your best option is to blog frequently. Blogging does wonders for your search engine results and offers you a steady flow of content you’ll be able to push to your followers through social networking and email marketing.

And here is a hint: being a constant blogger is much more important than being a successful blogger. Many coaches feel overwhelmed at the concept of cranking out a post daily. But that’s not required. Find out the frequency that is a fantastic pace for your audience, and your consistency will help your followers know what to expect from you. On top of that, you will attract a growing number of search engine traffic due to adding to your website a stable flow of high-value, relevant articles on subjects that business coaches think are important to post about. That the key to success is to perform the right things in small amounts over a long duration of time. That is as accurate for content creation as it is for anything else.

For help finding the perfect topics and keywords for you, look for a business coaching group on LinkedIn where you can mingle with the coaches in a community environment, and also get a hold of articles they have created so you are not starting from scratch.

Create gated content. Create at least one piece of content that people can get in exchange for their name and email address. This is known as “gated content.” Generally speaking, gated content is more useful, specific, or extensive than your complimentary offerings. It may be an ebook, report, or video training series. Use sales copywriting through blog posts, emails blasts, direct mail, local media / business card exchanges, and social websites to drive traffic into the squeeze page where contacts enter their information.

Subscribe to TimeTrade. That is an incredible (yet affordable!) online service which enables customers and prospects to schedule appointments with you–without needing a one-on-one conversation! You only list the times you are available in the online program and include the URL to your calendar from all your advertising material. TimeTrade syncs with your Google Calendar or Outlook automatically. As your prospects and customers have your content and decide that they want an appointment with you, they will literally reserve themselves in! I can tell you from personal experience how cool it is to open your email in the morning and see a couple of one-on-one business coaching opportunities awaiting you…and you did not have to lift a finger!

Leverage email marketing. Email marketing is an wonderful way to keep in contact with your leads and customers, so get an email marketing solution with auto-responder capabilities like MailChimp (super cheap, but limited feature set) or Infusionsoft (a little more expensive, but VERY feature-rich). Create an autoresponder email sequence (“drip marketing” email messages that go out based on a predetermined program) and register your prospects into the sequence as soon as they opt in for gated content. About once a month, send an email out of your most popular blog posts to your list. Run promotions via email and reminders to book a coaching session.

Get social. There are two ways to use social media: organic and paid using AdWords. Paid advertisements can be specifically targeted to your perfect customer. On Facebook, you can target by age, location, profession, and interests. On LinkedIn, you can aim by job title, company size, and industry. Use advertisements to drive prospects to your squeeze pages, where traffic opt-in for content that is gated and join your mailing list.

Use organic posts to keep the conversation with your present followers. Share interesting blog articles, videos, and infographics. It is fine to self-promote by connecting to your blog articles and squeeze pages, but make certain to curate high-value content from other sources also. Comment on others’ posts and respond to comments on your webpage.

These five digital marketing strategies for business coaches must form the cornerstone of your internet advertising efforts.